When hair loss becomes a serious issue

  • Receding hairline, THINNING OUT and ALOPECIA are not INCURABLE problems any more.
  • Baldness is not a trivial blemish: men and women who experience hair loss do not face this situation with serenity.
  • Today hair loss can be significantly counteracted thanks to Multidisciplinary Regenerative Medicine.
  • HAIR THINNING, either localized or widespread (alopecia), and loss of tone and thickness of the hair (thinning of the stem) affect 70% of men and 40% of women in every ethnic group.

HAIR THINNING, either localized or widespread is classified with the name of ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA

The follicle weakens, the hair becomes thinner, more sparse, until it falls.

The cause is often multifactorial and includes stress, lack of micro or macro nutrients, incorrect lifestyles and above all it is produced by the synergy of two molecules that, in the case of genetically predisposed subjects, damages the hair bulb until its function is inhibited or its functionality reduced.

These two substances are:

  • dihydrotestorone (DHT), derived from the hormone testosterone

  • prostaglandins D2 (PGD2), which are mediators of inflammation

Their synergistic action damages the follicles of genetically predisposed people.
70% of men and 40% of women suffer from ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA.

Today ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA is a pathology that can be treated with a combined protocol, where the most important component is REGENERATIVE MEDICINE.

The aim of the REGENERATIVE MEDICINE is to reactivate the non-atrophic follicles (hair regrowth) and to cure the weak follicles that generate inaesthetic thin hair.

WOMEN suffer from androgenetic alopecia as well

40% of women of all ethnic groups suffer from androgenetic alopecia or in any case a reduction in the hair density and thickness.

Female alopecia is experienced as a real social problem and not just an aesthetic one. Unfortunately, anxiety and depression are not uncommon among women who suffer from baldness.

Hair is a fundamental element of personality so it must be treated, protected and maintained healthy over time. Hair is one of the most powerful forms of femininity, a heritage to be protected or rediscovered.


Advanced Regenerative Medicine is the complete treatment available and the most modern and advanced concept to work effectively on androgenetic female alopecia.

THE PROTOCOL entails the TREATment of non-atrophic sick follicles, determining RE-GROWTH, THICKENING and improvement in the QUALITY of the HAIR.